Music & Art Trainings

Lyrical Expression 

This inspirational program takes youth on a journey of self-discovery through creative writing, song writing and lyrical expression, while at the same time offering a rare and safe outlet for them to positively express themselves, without being judged. Youth can expect to learn various aspects of audio technology, performance etiquette and recording procedures. 

Urban Arts Expression 

This program deals with traditional street-art and relevant media with subject matter that youth can relate to, due to living in a technology-heavy world. It is project based, focusing on numerous interactive activities, while teaching youth the fundamentals of various artistic mediums. This innovative class often leads to a sense of new-found confidence and breakthroughs for teens due to our style of writing activities and verbal expression, where students describe their creative works by writing and presenting to their peers (when appropriate). 

Audio Recording & Music Production 

This program is designed to teach students the fundamentals of beat-making, pre-production and audio engineering. It’s also intended to broaden the arts education opportunities for our students, offering technology-focused musical experiences beyond those of the traditional music instruction.